Friday, September 08, 2006

Works that are closely relevant to the new approach

Here are, to begin with, two websites and three books that I consider closely relevant to the approach that I am advocating. People who are responsible for these works will be notified that they are cited here, though no particular response is expected. At this time, it is only question of laying the table (setting the stage, I mean).

Websites :

Books :

  • Suffering, Politics, Power : A Genealogy in Modern Political Theory, by Cynthia Halpern, 2002. From the book back cover : "Suffering, Politics, Power argues that human suffering on a global scale constitutes the most urgent and least understood question of contemporary politics and political theory." The author also looks at how suffering has been approached by modern thought until now.
  • Suffering and Moral Responsibility, by Jamie Mayerfeld, 2002. Editorial reviews at say that this is "the first systematic book-length inquiry into the moral significance of suffering". From the book preface : "The world knows an immense amount of suffering, much of it humanly inflicted and much of it humanly preventable. My book seeks to shed lights on the moral dimensions of this fact. Ultimately, it aims to clarify the nature of the duty to relieve suffering, and to encourage reflection on the kind of changes that would be necessary to bring our lives into adequate compliance with this duty."
  • Suffering – A Sociological Introduction, by Iain Wilkinson, 2005. From the book back cover : "In Suffering Iain Wilkinson provides a compelling sociological exploration of human suffering, and its political and moral repercussions." The author is proposing a 'sociology of suffering'.


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