Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book of the Year Prize for 'Suffering: A Sociological Introduction'

Congratulations to Iain Wilkinson for these good news concerning his book Suffering: A Sociological Introduction, a book which I mentioned earlier in that post.

Iain is developing a programme of research that can be referred to as a 'sociology of suffering'. In the whole field of knowledge there is presently NO specialty whatsoever that deals specifically with suffering : it is high time that there be a beginning somewhere. Our societies utterly need, admittedly, better knowledge and management concerning this phenomenon which torments or threatens all their members. Therefore, Iain's work deserves utter support, doesn't it? This prize from the British sociology community is a great opportunity : those of us who care should ask how we can contribute to advance Iain's work further, if we can.

I have a suggestion : let's include a mention about it in Wikipedia's article on suffering. I say "let's do it" rather than "I'll do it" because the whole idea of what I propose has more to do with our knowledge and action about suffering, which is our common business, than with our truth and commitment about it, which is our own private concern. We care since millenia in various partial ways, let's start organizing what we can do as a whole.


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